MIDI Guitar for GarageBand

  • Plug In Your Guitar

    Using the audio interface you use for GarageBand.

  • Start MIDI Guitar and GarageBand

    Click “Setup for GarageBand”

  • Done. You’re a one-man-guitar-band

    Piano, synths, bass, strings, acoustic guitar, at your fingertips

New musical possibilities for GarageBand guitarists!

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is a revolutionary piece of software that allows you to use your guitar to play software instruments in GarageBand, essentially converting your guitar into a MIDI controller/MIDI keyboard.

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is a stand alone app that analyzes your guitars output signal and converts into MIDI that is sent to GarageBand. It even works with chords!

The app is a free download from the Mac App Store with full functionality that allows you to evaluate the technology with occasional interruptions before deciding to purchase the full version without interruptions.

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is very easy to use with a one button setup for GarageBand.

User Videos

See what people are doing with MIDI Guitar

Chuck Dietz shows off the MIDI Guitar technology

Compared to the full MIDI Guitar package

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand has the following limitations compared to the full MIDI Guitar package:

  • It has the essential setup options but lacks the advanced features of the full MIDI Guitar package.
  • It is available only as a standalone app that sends MIDI to your Mac DAW, and not as a plugin. This cause a slight latency overhead compared to using the MIDI Guitar plugin of the full MIDI Guitar package.
  • It will host synths and virtual instruments in Apples AudioUnit format only.

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